Customization and Bespoke Arcades

We build a number of customised machines for our customers to make the machine unique to their specific needs.

Some of the most common customisations include custom graphics, illuminated buttons and custom trim.

If you have a more significant customisation in mind then we are always happy to help make your ideas a reality.

Here's a few examples of recent customised orders for our wonderful customers

Custom themed cocktail table and stools  

This customer loved our 400 game cocktail arcade machine. But he wanted something that would stand out and fit in with his recently finished home bar. The customer decided he would love an Only Fools and Horses themed machine with matching stools. 

We made the graphics unique for the customer and they had final approval, but we think it just looks fantastic!

 Wall mounted arcade machine

Wall Mounted Pandoras Box Arcade Machine

Here we have our wall mounted machine, with a red and stainless theme. Both the t-molding on the eges, buttons and joysticks all red. 

In addition we added the customers childrens name onto the stainless steel control panel for an added extra flash of individuality.

This machine is running a Pandora's box 9D, giving over 2000 games for the customer to play.


Upright machine for a bar opening  

A customer contacted us to request a total of 4 machines, all to be ready in time for their new bar Latvia. No problem!

The customer supplied their own professionally designed artwork. We printed the custom graphics in house and put all of the machines together in time for the opening and we think they look fantastic!

All coin operated and configured to accept Euro coins.

Customised upright arcade machine


Customised Pacman Machine

Pacman Themed Upright Machine


We took a call from a customer requesting lots of customisations for a new machine. Looking to purchase a special gift for her husband who had additional requirements due to a brain injury.

After lots of discussions on the requirements we customised our standard 60 game upright machine to include a "toned down" graphic package. In addition we added a volume controller and also customised the games available to remove unwanted titles.