On the Drawing Board

Our Current product development is focused on games room furniture and accessories. We aim to launch a few exiting things over coming weeks so lets take a look at what is coming soon.

Marquee Lightboxes

We are developing a range of themed Marquee Lighboxes, which are really cool units to add a retro arcade vibe to any bar or man cave. They are made from 18mm mdf and t-molded just like our arcade machines. The Marquee lightbox can be wall mounted or placed on a shelf. Current themes include Space Invaders, Pac Man, and Outrun, but we will be adding a few more to the lineup.

Bar Top / Table Top Arcade 

This is a reworked version of the flat bar top arcade machines originally developed by myself (and quickly copied by others !) But Arcade depot has refined the design so that the units are even more robust and better looking than all of the copy cat products. Again they can be purchased in a range of themes, with the usual suspects Pac Man and space invaders being the most popular.

Arcade Stools

Something that we get asked for all the time are stools to go with our cocktail table arcade machines. The typical stools out there are either super cheap and accordingly flimsy, or over priced and ugly. We have therefore designed our own elegant and sturdy stool which are the perfect companion to our retro arcade cocktail tables. You can even choose the trim colour and we will match it to your machine.