New toys, and it's not even Christmas yet

2020 turned out to be one of those odd years for many. It seems that many people have either got themselves a new puppy, built a home bar or otherwise sprused up their home. Helping to ease the boredom of the lockdowns. 

As a small British business with currently 4 employees we've managed to remain open throughout the pandemic. Building and delivering fantastic retro arcade machines to our wonderful customers.

We have been so popular over the last year we have been able to re-invest heavily into our setup. Allowing us to complete the majority of our manufacturing onsite. Firstly we were able to bring the printing of all graphics in house. Allowing custom graphics to be designed and printed with zero impact on turn around time.

This month, (after much waiting) we have taken delivery of our first CNC machine. This will allow us to make all of our cabinets on site. But more importantly it will allow us to bring new products to market much faster than we have been able to previously. We're really excited to see what we are able to come up with and share with our customers in the coming months. We have had our full safety training from our supplier and have already made a start putting the machine to great use!

Stay tuned.....

Our first product made with our own CNC machine