Bring me the Horizon! - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!!!

Retro cocktail table arcade machines remain one of our most popular machines. Many people remember playing Pac Man and Space Invaders arcade tables in hotels, social clubs and bars.

However there is an limitation to the number and type of games that are available on this kind of a machine due to their design. The game must be played in portrait mode and then rotate between player 1 and player 2 taking turns. Which was only really a 'thing' in the late 70's and early 80's. 

Arcade classics like Defender, 1944, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and MANY more are all played with 2 players either co-operating or playing against each other. So, the screen display was rotated to become horizontal and both players playing next to each other.

With this in mind, we have remodelled our ever popular classic cocktail arcade machine. Removed the side control panels and added a side by side control panel to the front of the machine. In addition, we have also added the Pandora Box DX, which has a HUGE catalogue of 3000 games and the ability to add your own games via a USB socket. It still has the classic games you'd expect too!

Some other great features include:

  • Searchable games list
  • Favourite the games you play the most
  • Saved high scores
  • Headphone socket
Horizon 3000 cocktail table arcade machine

You can find our Horizon arcade machine available with all of our other traditional table arcade machines. Prices start from just £899.

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