What's best, a cocktail or coffee table arcade machine?

At Arcade Depot, we've developed a selection of cabinet styles to enjoy your favourite retro arcade classics. One of the questions that we are commonly asked is the difference between the two table arcade versions that we have. The cocktail table and coffee table. Without seeing the machines in person and just looking at the photos it's difficult to see the differences.

In short, the biggest difference is the overall height of the machine. The cocktail table machine is taller than the shorter coffee table. But here's a more in depth comparison between the cabinet styles:

Cocktail Table Arcade Machines

The cocktail table style is by far our most popular. It's designed to replicate the original Space Invader table top (TT) machines of the 70's and 80's. We've modernised the style to be more in-keeping with modern styling and rotated the monitor 90 degrees to allow for a much larger monitor to be included in the same footprint as the originals.

Did you know that we've specifically designed our cocktail table arcade cabinet to easily fit through a standard door opening? So it's really easy to get it into even the tightest of spaces within your home!

When sat at the machine, your legs should be at a 90 degree angle, especially if you are using a pair of our stools which were designed to compliment this cabinet style. There are no visible screws anywhere on the cabinet for you to catch yourself, or your clothing on if you get a little carried away too ;)

This machine is 75cm from the floor to the top of the glass, 81cm wide (the distance each player is away from each other and 56cm wide at the top. The overall footprint of the machine is very modest.

Lifting this machine is recommended as a two person lift, as it is a little awkward, but certainly not heavy at approximately 40kg overall weight. While we are talking about lifting the machine, it's always safest to lift this cabinet by the control panels rather than the lid. There are no casters or wheels on the bottom of the cabinet, however the edging material goes all the way around the panel, including the bottom to allow it to easily be dragged if needed to clean underneath or position it as required.Retro cocktail table dimensions

Coffee Table Arcade Machines

The coffee table arcade machine is a smaller version of the larger cocktail table. Standing at 51cm tall. It's been designed for homes that want to still have a retro look arcade machine in their home but have a limited amount of space and want to use the machine as a table when not in use.

Due to the size of this cabinet there is no option for a traditional coin operated feature. However we can still install a contactless coin operation if required.

With this cabinet style we also have all of the options that are available in the larger cocktail tables. For example, the themed options, illuminated buttons etc. The popular Wizard 1000 and Horizon 3000 are also available as a coffee table if required.

This machine is 51cm from the floor to the top of the glass, 81cm wide (the distance each player is away from each other and 56cm wide at the top.

This machine is a little lighter at around 30kg. We'd still suggest two people pick it up.

Retro coffee table arcade machine dimensions