Wall Mounted Arcade Machine - Loads of options. – Arcade Depot
Wall Mounted Arcade Machine - Loads of options.
Wall Mounted Arcade Machine - Loads of options.
Wall Mounted Arcade Machine - Loads of options.

Wall Mounted Arcade Machine - Loads of options.

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Arcade Depot has pulled out all the stops with these amazing slimline wall mounted arcade units.

They are perfect for any games room where space is limited, whilst providing the exact same experience as a full sized upright arcade.

These arcade machines come in a range of styles, we can make them in white, black, Oak Veneer, and colourful vinyl artwork.

And you can also choose from four different arcade game lineups.

Choose from the 60 classic games from the 'golden age of video games'. or the awesome 400 game lineup. There is an expanded 700 game version which has an fantastic selection of one and two player games. And if fighting games are your thing then we offer the Pandora's box VI with an astonishing 1,300 games.

Please note that the 60 game version comes with a single joystick, as all two player games are turn based and played 'hot seat' style. All other versions have two joysticks needed for co-op game play.


  • 19" Super VGA monitor
  • High quality 25w sound with bass boost.
  • External volume control and headphone jack.
  • Vinyl covered steel control panels, or brushed stainless.
  • Professional grade arcade joysticks.
  • Toughened glass screen panel
  • 75cm high, 40cm deep, 65cm wide.


Game Lists


Advanced Customisations.

Edging colours for Wall Mounted Arcade Machines


As well as the standard options available  here,  we can also offer a range of customisations such as illuminated buttons in a range of colours, different coloured trim, and even illuminated edging trim.


Illuminated arcade machine buttons for arcade depot wall mounted arcade machine
Contact us to discuss your needs.



Shipping Info

These machines are built to order in a professional workshop, lead time is around ten working days. They are shipped securely strapped to a wooden pallet.


Important Safety Note

These units are very solidly built, using 18mm Coated MDF, Toughened Glass, and heavy duty metal control panel. They are quite heavy, and we recommend that they are fitted to a wall by a professional tradesman. We will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused by incorrect installation.


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